Giving Tuesday falls on December 1 this year. Yes, it’s soon, and if you haven’t ironed out your strategy yet, you’re not alone. The good news is that it’s not too late! There’s still plenty of time to prepare for a successful day of giving.

Here are five things you can do right now that will help your organization make the most of Giving Tuesday:

1. Find a matching gift (or set a goal). Year after year, campaign after campaign, matching gift offers continue to help boost revenue – and that’s especially true on landmark fundraising days like Giving Tuesday. If you’re able to offer a match in any amount, you’ll likely see better results than without a match.

If you’re unable to secure a matching gift offer this year, consider setting a goal that your donors can help reach by making a gift. A tangible dollar amount helps give donors something to work toward and generates energy and excitement around your campaign. If possible, attach something real to that goal – a program, service, or resource that reaching that goal will allow you to offer.

2. Make your communications plan. The best Giving Tuesday campaigns are ones that span across platforms – a multi-part email series + social media ads + promotional graphics on your homepage and donation form, and more. The more channels on which you promote your campaign, the more successful it will be.

According to Evan Watson, Digital Marketing Manager at CBA, it’s no longer enough to send a couple of emails or publish a few Facebook posts. “You’re not the only nonprofit sending emails on Giving Tuesday – you’re vying for the attention of donors who are being asked by other organizations,” says Watson.

Here’s how to get ahead of those other groups:

  • Consider not only sending emails the day before or the day of Giving Tuesday but one week (or more!) before.
  • Do an email countdown to Giving Tuesday – make it an event that donors look forward to.
  • If you have time, launch a paid social media campaign that coordinates with your email series.
  • Try something new like Social Proof – software which integrates with your website, so that when an action is taken by a donor, a notification appears informing your website visitors about the action taken.

3. You might not need to start from scratch. We’re all experiencing a busy and challenging year. If, like many organizations, you’re short on time, staff, or resources, consider using elements of your 2019 Giving Tuesday emails. Of course, relevant language about this year and your specific Giving Tuesday goals should be added, but it may not be necessary to start your campaign entirely from scratch. You can also take a look at organizations you admire and draw inspiration from them. Did a bold image catch your eye? An interesting subject line? A motivating call-to-action? Take notes about what you liked and didn’t, and use that as inspiration to craft your original emails and materials.

4. Find the right audience for your ask. Look in your database to find people that made a Giving Tuesday gift last year and send them special emails reminding them of that gift. “Engaging donors with something personal and asking them to give again can help secure that next donation,” says Watson.

Informing people of what you did with their donation in the previous year is a great way to get a gift in the current year. If your organization could provide more services and help more people because of past Giving Tuesday gifts, tell your donors that.

5. Adapt for 2020. Yes, it’s been a chaotic year filled with uncertainty. Regardless of the chaos, your organization matters and is deserving of support. Make your communications conversational and sensitive, but don’t shy away from reminding your donors why their gift matters (especially this year!). If your nonprofit has gone above and beyond in 2020, remind donors of that.

Make the most of these five Giving Tuesday tips, and if you need some help, let us know and we can schedule some time to discuss your organizations needs.


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