Smart, Omnichannel Fundraising with CBA

In 1976, Carl Bloom founded CBA to help nonprofits elevate their missions and raise funds. Initially focusing on direct mail, CBA expanded to develop marketing programs for various organizations, including public media and museums. Over decades, we became experts in integrated marketing, combining offline and digital channels.

Today, CBA provides tailored direct marketing strategies, blending traditional methods with modern approaches. We understand donor and consumer motivations and create effective strategies to achieve your goals.


We blend Facebook ads, Google Ad Grants, Google Search and Video ads, YouTube ads, and more to drive the right traffic to your website. The result – greater response and revenue.


Our coordinated, mobile-friendly email campaigns reach your audiences with effective messaging, providing them an easy way to make a transaction.

Direct Mail

With over 40 years of experience providing effective direct mail solutions, we are known as true industry experts – knowledge and experience you can trust.


Our creative – direct mail, email & online – is specifically tailored for you. We produce copy and design that moves your audience to act.


Efficiency, accuracy and timeliness – what it takes to produce such large volume for a wide range of organizations. CBA gets the job done right and on time.


Our research, analysis and reporting provides a wealth of information and guidance. Together, we’ll map a course to growth and success.

Who We Help

Since 1976, CBA has helped over 100 organizations – both nonprofits and for-profits – effectively reach and generate support from their donors and consumers. Our diverse set of clients benefits from our expertise in both digital and offline direct marketing campaigns. They count on us to help them thrive … and we deliver.

Blog Posts

Libraries, Banned Books, Rhyming History

Libraries, Banned Books, Rhyming History

“History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.” - Mark Twain What’s happening right now in cities, towns, and state capitals around America, which can be described as “astroturf” campaigns of outrage over books and ideas by often uninformed people, have put...

Thank Your Donors: 4 Tips to Increase Retention

Thank Your Donors: 4 Tips to Increase Retention

When a new year begins – it's tempting to leave last year completely behind. But we must remember those who gave in the previous year with loud and proud gratitude for donors who contributed in the last few months. If, like many of the organizations CBA works with,...

Year-End Fundraising: There’s Still Time!

Year-End Fundraising: There’s Still Time!

Think it’s too late to do any year-end fundraising – or to bolster the plans you already have? Think again. The final week of December cannot be underestimated or overlooked as a time for impactful year-end giving. In fact, many nonprofits report that more than 10% of...

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