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At CBA, we know nonprofits.

We know that identifying prospects, retaining existing supporters and calling back lapsed donors can be a serious challenge. We understand that some nonprofits struggle to sustain their mission over time, and we are familiar with the many ways in which a lack of funding and resources can impair a nonprofit’s important work.

Since 1976, we have helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations from every corner of the nonprofit world overcome these hurdles with great success. We’ve elevated their missions, helped them tell their stories and tug on the heartstrings of their donors with creative pieces designed to inspire action. We’ve identified, cultivated and retained our clients’ best supporters and helped them overcome gaps in resources and funding.

Our efforts have paid off, and this work has been incredibly rewarding … not only for our clients but also for us. We love what we do and are proud of the impact we have made as a partner to so many respectable organizations.

Here is a sampling of the types of organizations we’ve served.


When your goal is to develop a constituency that will sign petitions, contact their elected officials on their behalf and donate to support your cause (and enlist their friends and family to do the same), a powerful direct response fundraising program is necessary for continued sustainability and growth. CBA can put its range of services to work and serve as your megaphone.

Animal Welfare

From helping animal shelters care for abandoned and neglected animals to protecting wildlife and advocating for protection from animal cruelty, CBA has put its resources to the test for a wide range of animal welfare organizations. Our powerful integrated campaigns, compelling creative and intelligent analysis have helped our clients give countless animals the care and attention they need.

Arts & Culture

History and art define us as a society. How well we support the organizations that encourage and preserve our history and art are what distinguishes us as a culture. Our advanced direct marketing efforts have raised funds and support for ballets, symphonies, museums, historical organizations and other cultural nonprofits dedicated to advancing, sharing and protecting the arts.


We are proud of our work with nonprofits that work tirelessly to protect and care for our world, keeping it safe and livable for future generations. With so many environmental organizations in existence, we help our clients truly stand apart and fundraise in ways that are smart, effective and efficient. We tell their stories in a way that helps their constituents take action to care for and connect with the world around them.


We understand that hospitals and healthcare institutions are also nonprofit organizations that rely on individual donations. We’ve helped healthcare institutions effectively communicate their specialties, strengths and accomplishments to potential donors and prospects through strategic, effective direct marketing campaigns. We’ve helped audiences understand how their individual support translates into direct, quality care in these facilities.

Human & Social Services

Finding those individuals who want to help others makes it possible for charitable and social service organizations to continue doing their good work … work that is only accomplished when the world knows and cares about the good work of these organizations. CBA has partnered with a number of human and social service organizations to help people and communities in need.

Public Libraries

Public libraries offer their patrons more than just books. They are community hubs where people of all ages can learn, grow and improve their lives. It’s helping the public understand this value — and the need for individual gifts — that is the challenge. We’ve helped libraries of all sizes across the country add and retain donors and raise much-needed funds with comprehensive direct response programs.

Public Media

Over the last four decades, CBA has worked with dozens of public television and radio stations, producing millions of pieces of direct mail annually in a wide variety of different formats. Our Public Media cooperative (or “co-op”) model allows stations to achieve greater scale, access new prospect lists and obtain cost advantages in production, mailing and design.


Religious organizations promote unity, bring people together and provide social and other services to the communities in which they are based. We’ve helped such organizations carry out their charitable work with powerful, full-scale integrated fundraising programs that drive awareness and action.
What can CBA do for your organization?