Founded in 1976, Carl Bloom Associates is a full-service direct marketing agency. Our mission is to help organizations build their base of donors and consumers by conducting practical research and developing sound strategies and creative approaches to seamlessly integrate traditional direct mail techniques with the latest cutting-edge digital media. We work to understand what makes your organization unique and what motivates your audience, and then utilize the strategies that work best for them. This, above all, informs our work and leads to success.

What We Do

CBA knows that certain fundamental strategies allow for the most effective donor response and customer action – but we also know that every client is different, and there is no “one size fits all.” That’s why we utilize a diversified approach based on in-depth research and best practices, but customized for each organization’s brand, goals and unique audience.


We blend Facebook ads, Google Ad Grants, Google Search and Video ads, YouTube ads, and more to drive the right traffic to your website. The result – greater response and revenue.


Our coordinated, mobile-friendly email campaigns reach your audiences with effective messaging, providing them an easy way to make a transaction.

Direct Mail

With over 40 years of experience providing effective direct mail solutions, we are known as true industry experts – knowledge and experience you can trust.


Our creative – direct mail, email & online – is specifically tailored for you. We produce copy and design that moves your audience to act.


Efficiency, accuracy and timeliness – what it takes to produce such large volume for a wide range of organizations. CBA gets the job done right and on time.


Our research, analysis and reporting provides a wealth of information and guidance. Together, we’ll map a course to growth and success.

Who We Help

Since 1976, CBA has helped over 100 organizations – both nonprofits and for-profits – effectively reach and generate support from their donors and consumers. Our diverse set of clients benefits from our expertise in both digital and offline direct marketing campaigns. They count on us to help them thrive … and we deliver.

Blog Posts

5 Things to Do Now for a Successful Giving Tuesday

5 Things to Do Now for a Successful Giving Tuesday

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Five Key Traits for a Winning Newsletter

Five Key Traits for a Winning Newsletter

Q: What's one highly effective way to cultivate donors and boost your annual fundraising efforts? A: Monthly or quarterly newsletters and e-newsletters sent to donors and prospects! Newsletters are excellent for donor engagement. A well-written (and cleanly designed)...

Your nonprofit should use Google Ad Grants — and CBA can help

Your nonprofit should use Google Ad Grants — and CBA can help

Imagine that Google came to you and said, “Hey, want $10,000/month in free advertising on the web?” Interested? What if they said that you could spend the $10,000 any way you want - promoting programs, news, fundraising campaigns, and more - and keep all the money you...

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