CRM IP Targeting Increases Campaign Revenue

KPCC, Southern California Public Radio, is always looking for ways to boost campaign revenue. During Holiday 2015 and March 2016, Carl Bloom Associates (CBA) recommended adding CRM IP Targeting to the other channels they had scheduled – mail, email, pledge and more. Both campaigns saw increases in revenue and average gift size.


We compared members who were served ads vs. those who were not. The statistics below represent the dramatic response increase by those who were served ads.

Holiday 2015




more gifts


greater average gift

March 2016




more gifts


greater average gift

Other Takeaways
  • Holiday 2015 campaign saw a 17% increase in giving from renewal members and 15% from active members.
  • March 2016 campaign saw a 30% increase in giving from renewal members, 16% from active members and 53% from lapsed members.
  • Both campaigns had an ROI of 4:1.

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