Upcoming CBA Digital Reach 360 Webinars

Habitat for Humanity Affiliates

Join us on August 22, 2022, at 3 pm (eastern) to learn how CBA Digital Reach 360 can help you drive traffic to your affiliate’s ReStore, increasing shopping, donations, and overall awareness of your Habitat affiliate.

Serious Fun Camps

Learn through case studies how CBA Digital Reach 360 can help increase volunteers, reach new donors, promote camps nationwide, announce special events, and more.

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Public Library Organizations

Learn how CBA Digital Reach 360 can help increase branch visits, raise awareness of library services and drive financial support.

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Public Media Stations

Learn how a large station implemented a comprehensive CBA Digital Reach 360 plan, making the most of their Google Ad Grant, increasing engagement, driving massive online traffic, boosting video views, raising funds, and more.

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What is CBA Digital Reach 360?

Now more than ever, non-profit organizations face growing pressure to engage the public, attract new donors, retain existing ones, identify new fundraising channels and increase overall revenue.

The tools are there to compete in a fast-paced, connected, digital world with access to powerful software, a trove of data, and massive online platforms, and the sky is the limit for what’s possible.

However: CBA has learned that most non-profits struggle with how to take advantage of such opportunities. They don’t have the human resources to strategize, implement, and manage a robust digital program that’ll generate measurable engagement and results.

CBA has cracked the code.

We now offer CBA Digital Reach 360; the turn-key, year-round management of Google Ad Grants, and paid online advertising designed to supercharge engagement and fundraising.

CBA Digital Reach 360 will cultivate current and prospective donors, building relationships based on the audience’s desire to support a cause, be more involved in their community, and make a difference. Those efforts generate additional gifts and allow organizations to engage with audiences further.

Non-profits and charities that don’t take advantage of Google Ad Grants leave money on the table—$10,000 a month of free advertising dollars that Google gives away. CBA Digital Reach 360 is a strategic approach to to putting that money to good use and harnessing the power of Digital.

The future of digital is here now. Let’s put together a plan tailored for your organization.

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What’s possible with CBA Digital Reach 360?

Grow Your Email List

We pulled in 3,700 new email addresses through a lead generation campaign on Facebook and Google.

Increase Brand Visibility

We managed a rebrand where videos were seen on the NFL, FOX, MSNBC, and NYTIMES … just to name a few.

Get More Donations

For one nonprofit, we brought in more than $100,000 in donations for less than $3,000 in ad spending.

Increase Social Media Followers

We increased follower count by more than 30,000 (with no tricks of fake account buying tactics.)

Boost Ticket Sales

We sold more than $25,000 in tickets with just a Google Ad Grant account ($0 ad spend!)

Encourage Advocacy Action

Our promotion of a large metropolitan library’s letter-writing to city leaders campaign led to over 1,400 direct clicks on our ads and another 4,891 clicks on ads with letter-writing functionality.

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