Imagine that Google came to you and said, “Hey, want $10,000/month in free advertising on the web?” Interested?

What if they said that you could spend the $10,000 any way you want – promoting programs, news, fundraising campaigns, and more – and keep all the money you make. Even more interested?

Well, that’s what the Google Ad Grants program offers to nonprofits. Yet, many qualifying organizations don’t take advantage of this powerful tool to amplify their missions, programs, and fundraising goals.

As part of a healthy online fundraising and marketing ecosystem, your organization should be using Google Search (and free Google Ad Grant money) to get your nonprofit to appear at the exact moment people are looking for the content you offer.

The proof is in the results.

Recently, one of CBA’s large public broadcasting clients set up their Google Ad Grants account and asked us to help them run the program. Since we kicked off their campaign, the station saw an increase of 6,000 quality web visitors in just 30 days and has maximized its $10,000 spend consistently each month.

Here’s what you need to know about Google Ad Grants so you don’t miss another month of free advertising:

1. Google truly offers completely free advertising to nonprofits. You only need to qualify, and most nonprofits do. Let us know if you need help navigating the application process. CBA is happy to do it for you!

2. Google Ad Grants must be managed properly to be effective. Because the program requires nonprofits meet monthly performance benchmarks to maintain eligibility (and keep that free ad money coming!), proper management and Grant-knowledge are essential. And that’s where CBA comes in. We have experts on staff who are well-versed in paid advertising, Google Ad Grants, and the full suite of Google tools for nonprofits.

3. It could save you money. If you’re currently paying for Google search ads, Google Ad Grants can allow you to reallocate some of your budget to other channels like Facebook, email, direct mail, and more. And if you’re not currently spending money on Google search ads, Google Ad Grants can provide a risk-free way to test your content on the web. CBA can walk you through deciding how to start and run your Google Ad Grant program.

4. There are a few catches. There are some limitations to the capabilities of the Google Ad Grant, including a $2 bid cap, a required minimum 5% click-through rate, and more. For those reasons, it can be difficult to spend the full $10,000 per month. But CBA knows how to navigate many of these roadblocks and use the grant to its full potential each month.

For a deeper dive into Google Ad Grants, check out our webinar below: Google Ad Grants: Minimize Efforts & Maximize Return.


Have any questions about how to make the most of Google Ad Grants?